Handling a request for revision

reviewers comments and how to respond

After submitting your paper to a journal, you must wait for the Editor-in-Chief (or his deputy) to make a decision on your paper. If your paper goes through the full review process, the Editor will ask reviewers to make recommendations. Finally, the great day arrives when you receive the Editor’s decision, and the reviewer comments. […]

Request for revision – be polite

Request for revision - be polite

Remember that you are dealing with people, not just a faceless submission system. The Editor-in-Chief and the reviewers are just like you—they have feelings, likes and dislikes, and many other calls on their time. They are not infallible, but offer their comments to help you to improve your paper. Thank the Editor/reviewer for their comments, […]

Request for revision – be fast

request for revision - be fast

Why is it important to be fast? First, most research is time-sensitive. Perhaps some other group is working on the same problem as you. You want to be first to publish. Second, the speed of publication is an important metric for a journal. Authors who slow down publication by taking a long time to revise […]

Request for revision – be clear

handling a request for revision

The Editor-in-Chief may deal with thousands of papers. He may not remember the details of your paper, and he certainly will not have the time to go through your revision line by line. Impress the Editor with your clear response. Tips on making your revision clear Convert the reviewer comments into a list Respond to […]

Reviewer comments and how to respond

how to respond to reviewers comments

Reviewer: The English is not good enough for publication Author: Some of the reviewer’s comments were so badly written, how can he be a good judge of English! It’s true that many reviewers do not have English as their first language. Perhaps they found your English was difficult to understand, or perhaps they were afraid […]