Journal Specific Formatting

format your paper for specific journal


When you have decided to submit your paper to a target journal, we can then tailor your paper to meet that journal’s specific requirements in terms of structure and format, word count, reference style, preferred units, spelling, artwork specifications, etc.

Reading and deciphering each journal’s detailed Instructions for Authors can be time-consuming and laborious for authors. We can check that your paper meets all of the journal’s requirements and advise you of any additional material you may need to include with your submission, e.g., declaration of conflicts of interest, ethics statement, signed copyright transfer form, etc. You may have prepared your paper using the Harvard reference style (using names and dates) whereas the journal might insist on Vancouver style (numbered), and we can change this for you. Many excellent papers can be rejected immediately by high-throughput journals if they do not follow the journal’s basic guidelines.

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