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Journal Publishers

Many authors go straight to the Journal website when submitting a paper. But have you looked at the website of the Journal Publisher? Many Publishers have a wealth of information on their websites, and are constantly improving the service they provide to authors, including guidelines and tutorials on how to prepare your article. Read More

Submitting your Article: A new way to find the right journal

Finding the right journal to submit your article to can be a problem; there are so many journals to choose from! However, the publishers Elsevier and Springer have introduced a feature where you can paste your article title and abstract into a search field and it will find a suitable journal for you. Read More

The number one reason for acceptance of an article

There are many factors that you need to get right before your article is accepted. It has to present the results of good research with good data analysis. It has to be well written, and well supported by appropriate references. However, when Editors-in-Chief are asked “What is the most important reason for deciding to accept an article for your journal?” the answer they give is “It has to present something new”. Read More

Why was my article rejected without being peer-reviewed?

You have worked so hard on your research, and then even harder to write your article. You spent a long time selecting the right journal for your article. Finally, you submit your article, and anxiously await the result of the peer review.

So it can be very disappointing if an article is rejected straight away, without even being peer reviewed.  In this article, we will look at some of the reasons for this type of rejection, and how to prevent them. Read More